AZD4547 1035270-39-3

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AZD4547 is a novel selective FGFR inhibitor targeting FGFR1/2/3 with IC50 of 0.2 nM/2.5 nM/1.8 nM in cell-free assays, weaker activity against FGFR4, VEGFR2(KDR), and little activity observed against IGFR, CDK2, and p38. Phase 2/3.

Compared to FGFR1-3, AZD4547 displays weaker activity against FGFR4 with IC50 of 165 nM. AZD4547 only inhibits recombinant VEGFR2 (KDR) kinase activity with IC50 of 24 nM, in the in vitro selectivity test against a diverse panel of representative human kinases. AZD4547 at 0.1 μM exhibits no activity against a range of recombinant kinases including ALK, CHK1, EGFR, MAPK1, MEK1, p70S6K, PDGFR, PKB, Src, Tie2, and PI3-kinase. Consistently, the potent selectivity of AZD4547 for FGFR1-3 over FGFR4, IGFR, and KDR is also observed in cellular phosphorylation assays. AZD4547 has potent in vitro antiproliferative activity only against tumor cell lines expressing deregulated FGFRs such as KG1a, Sum52-PE, and KMS11 with IC50 of 18-281 nM, and is inactive against MCF7 as well as more than 100 additional tumor cell lines. AZD4547 treatment potently inhibits FGFR and MAPK phosphorylation in human tumor cell lines in a dose-dependent manner. AZD4547 also potently inhibits the phosphorylation of FRS2 and PLCγ, downstream markers of FGFR signaling. Notably, AZD4547 affects the AKT phosphorylation in the breast cell lines, MCF7 and Sum52-PE but not in KG1a and KMS11 lines. AZD4547 treatment significantly induces apoptosis in Sum52-PE and KMS11 cells, dramatically increases G1 arrest but not apoptosis in KG1a cells, and has no effect on cell cycle distribution or apoptosis in MCF7 cells. [1]

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