AZD3463 1356962-20-3

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AZD3463 is a novel orally bioavailable ALK inhibitor with Ki of 0.75 nM, which also inhibits IGF1R with equivalent potency.

AZD3463 is potent in ALK-driven preclinical models and in a variety of crizotinib-resistant models. AZD3463 inhibits ALK in cells as demonstrated by its ability to decrease ALK autophosphorylation in tumor cell lines containing ALK fusions including DEL (ALCL NPM-ALK), H3122 (NSCLC EML4-ALK) and H2228 (NSCLC EML4-ALK). Inhibition of ALK is associated with perturbations in downstream signaling including ERK, AKT and STAT3 pathways leading to preferential inhibition of proliferation in the ALK fusion containing cell lines in vitro. AZD3463 retains good activity against a number of clinically relevant crizotinib resistant mutations including the gatekeeper mutant L1196M where equivalent potency to wild type ALK is observed in vitro and in vivo in EML4-ALK containing BAF3 cell lines. To further assess the potential ability of AZD3463 to overcome additional resistance mechanisms, antiproliferative activity is assessed in multiple crizotinib resistant cell lines independently derived in vitro from H3122 cells as well as a patient derived crizotinib relapsed model. These resistant cell lines contain multiple resistance mechanisms including the L1196M gatekeeper and T115Ins mutations, ALK amplification and/or secondary drivers including EGFR and IGF1R. AZD3463 retains antiproliferative potency within 4 fold of parental H3122 cells for 10 out of 12 of these acquired resistance models in vitro. [1]

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